“All my deposits have been lost,” said the former vice-president of Gazprombank, who escaped to Ukraine.

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Former Gazprombank vice-president Igor Valabughev, who fled to Ukraine after the start of the warannounced today, through an interview given to The Telegraph, that all his deposits in this bank, one of the largest in Russia, have disappeared.

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After he left her Russia lost all access to its cards as Visa and Mastercard ceased to operate, he said. At the moment, he continued, all his deposits were lost from his accounts. He considers that these actions are “retaliation” for his “hypocrisy” and the criticism he leveled at Putin, APE BPE reports.

According to Valabuev, however, there are many dissatisfied with the Kremlin’s policy, such as himself, even in “state giants” such as Gazprom, although this is not seen by public opinion. «There is a well-known man in Gazprom who told me: ‘I do not understand why Putin needs Ukraine’“, write down.

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He added that he has nothing at the moment, but claimed that “it is better to sleep on the street than to leave Ukraine». He also says that the life he had “before the war no longer exists, and that really does not worry me».

“I could not stay in Russia anymore”

It is recalled that in late April, in an interview with The Insider, Valabuyev said that he had left Russia and was ready to join the ranks of the Ukrainian militia.

«I could not stay in Russia any longer. As for my nationality, I am Ukrainian, I was born in Akhtyrka, I could not watch from the sidelines what Russia is doing in my homeland. My visit is like a repentance, I want to get rid of the Russian past. I want to stay in Ukraine until victory“, He had stated then, emphasizing that he wanted to return to Ukraine from 2014 but could not do so for family reasons.

Source: News Beast

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