Lady Gaga, the song for Top Gun: Maverick (and the kiss with Tom Cruise)

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Military trousers and white tank top, with the inevitable identification plate and the iconic teardrop sunglasses. Lady Gaga launched the new single a few hours ago, Hold my handwithin the soundtrack of Top Gun: Maverick, sequel tounforgettable film from 1986. The pop star, judging by the photo published on social media, seems to have entered perfectly into theatmosphere of the film.

«This passage is a love letter to the world during a period very difficult“, Said Miss Germanotta, dedicating the project to”everyday heroes“. The song, which will accompany the credits, was written by the artist in 2019: or rather, in that year the work began since Top Gun: Maverick was originally supposed to hit theaters in 2020, then postponed due to Covid.\

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To compliment Lady Gaga directly – who worked on the track with her trusted collaborator BloodPop and to the manufacturer Benjamin Rice – it was right Tom Cruiseprotagonist of the film, who presented himself at thelast concert by the pop star. “Thanks for coming to my show. I love you my friend», He wrote on social media in the margins of two photos from the backstage with some tender ones kisses on the cheek.

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“When I wrote this song I didn’t realize the multiple meanings that had in relation to the film, to my psyche, to the world we live in “, Gaga added on Instagram. “For years I have been trying to make it ours. I wanted to create a song in which to share our deep need for be understood and try to understand others, the desire tobeing close when we feel distant“.

To the public, now, the task of judging if she succeeded.

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