All the comedians in activity were inspired by Jô Soares, says Helio de La Peña

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In an interview with CNN this Friday (5), actor and comedian Helio de La Peña said that the humorists working in Brazil learned and were inspired by Jô Soares.

“All the comedians in activity, in some way, instinctively, consciously or not, drank from Jô Soares’ fountain,” he said.

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De La Peña also commented that he himself followed Jô’s work.

“He was a reference since my childhood, I was anxiously awaiting the turn of the year because he [Jô] brought new characters each season, knowing what the new catchphrases were”, he recalls.

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Jô died in the early hours of this Friday (5), at the age of 84. He was hospitalized at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo, according to his advice.

The actor said that Jô Soares was a multitasking artist. “Jô wrote some books, some fiction and even his own autobiography, he directed plays, in short, he was very complete”.

Asked who what the next generation of interviews could mean, Helio said that “Jô Soares brought the talk show and we are in another moment, which is the moment of the Podcast”.

“I think this could happen to the Jô program”, says de La Peña.

Source: CNN Brasil

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