Abusive calls drop 55% after telemarketing action, says Anatel

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The volume of short-term telephone calls recorded a drop of 55% after the action of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), which in June determined a series of measures to curb abusive telemarketing and the use of robocals.

The number of these short calls fell from 1.21 billion registered in the week of publication of the precautionary measure to around 550 million in the week of July 10 to 16, according to a partial report released by Anatel.

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In the June decision, the agency determined that companies should adopt, within 15 days, measures to stop the overload of calls to consumers without effective communication.

After this period, service providers should block calls, for a period of 15 days, from companies that make 100,000 calls or more, in at least one day, lasting up to 3 seconds.

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According to Anatel, after the adaptation period, 186 users had their telecommunications resources blocked for 15 days for infringing the limit of 100,000 daily short calls.

These users, together, made around 4.2 billion short calls in the period.

The agency also reported that the main offenders are companies that provide telecommunication infrastructure for call centers, companies that provide specialized teleservice, telemarketing and collection services, telecommunications companies and the financial sector (banks, credit and collection companies/law firms ).

On Thursday (4) Anatel’s Council determined that the technical area of ​​the body should study the proposition of a specific code for collection calls, like the 0303 adopted for telemarketing.

Source: CNN Brasil

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