All the key points for the application of the digital work card from the 1st of July

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By Dimitris Katsaganis

A seven-day countdown is “running” from today for the first application of the digital work card, the reason for that mechanism in which all the details of the scheduled working time (leave, overtime, salary, etc.) will be recorded, simply and documented .

This mechanism will apply from July 1, initially for banks and supermarkets with more than 250 employees. Then, as stated by the Minister of Labor Kostis Hatzidakis, at yesterday’s press conferencewill be extended to security companies, insurance companies and industry, while the goal is to apply such a season in the tourism and catering sectors.

The government has pledged that the Digital Card will be gradually extended to all businesses and employees in the country, without exception, he said.

These are the myErgani mobile app for employees, which has been upgraded to support the operation of the Digital Work Card, and the Ergani CardScanner application for companies that do not already have a timing system, which “reads” at the beginning and end the Workers’ Digital Cards of the employees and automatically transmits the information in real time to the Information System Tools II.

The mechanism of “reading” the Digital Card is similar to the procedure followed for the “scanning” of vaccination or disease certificates during the pandemic period.

It is noted that the CardScanner application has already been made available to companies for trial use, while next Monday 27/6 a new version will be available that will be connected to the productive Information System Ergani II.

More specifically, from July 1, employees in banks and supermarkets (and gradually all employees in the country), upon entering the workplace, will “scan” the Ergani CardScanner (ie the application available for companies) the personal QR code displayed by the myErgani mobile app, in order to indicate the start and end of the work. Thus, with the Digital Work Card, the working hours and overtime of the employees will be automatically recorded.

Employees will also be able to view on their mobile device in the form of a diary the program indicated by the employer, as well as the actual employment they provided through the upgraded application myErgani mobile app.

The Digital Work Card will be implemented, according to the announced schedule, from July 1 in banks and supermarkets with more than 250 employees, after the necessary digital infrastructure was created in the Information System Tool II and applications for employees and companies.

The Instrument II Information System will be the basis for the expansion of the Digital Card gradually to all businesses, regardless of industry and size.

From October 1 to November 30, 2022, an inventory of working hours will be carried out by all companies in the country.

It is noted that the Digital Work Card covers all forms of employment (eg full-time, part-time, internship, apprenticeship, etc.) working hours (fixed, variable, shifts, overtime), while electronically records all forms leave taken by employees.

The new regime for employees and companies of the first phase of implementation (banks and supermarkets), which will be gradually extended to all employees and companies in the country, includes the following:

A. Employees

Employees should download the myErgani mobile app to their mobile phone, which is available for free on the Google Play platforms ( ) and App Store (, through the official accounts of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The application provides the employees of the first phase (banks and supermarkets), access to the individual Digital Work Card (in the form of QR Code), which will be used daily during the arrival / departure to record the real working time.

Specifically, at the beginning and end of the work, the employee will display the QR code to be read by the respective Ergani CardScanner mobile app available to employers (a procedure similar to the one followed for the control of vaccination certificates).

After successfully reading the Work Card, ie the QR code, the employee will see on the screen a confirmation message with the details of the Work Card statement that will be submitted automatically and in real time to the Information System Tool II.

Through the myErgani mobile app the employees will also see (for each employer separately, if there is more than one) in the form of a diary the scheduling of working time and the real employment data per day, based on the arrival / departure information submitted by the Work Card mechanism.

The Work Calendar that includes the Work Program and Real Employment is also immediately available to the employee, in addition to the digital application and through the web portal for informing employees:

It is noted that the myErgani mobile app application provides a wealth of useful information to all employees and not only to those who work in companies that adopt the Digital Work Card.

Through the application, the employee (after being identified using the taxisnet codes) gains access to the user card where the details of himself and the employer or employers he is employed are recorded.

Employers are grouped into two categories: Active and Older. Whether you are employed by one or more employers at the same time, the application allows you to monitor the current employment relationship and its key features, such as weekly working hours. By choosing one of the employers, detailed details of the employer and the employment relationship are displayed.

At the same time, the employee can be informed in real time about the changes that take place in the Information System Ergani II and concern him, through push notifications.

With the aim of transparency and complete information of the employee, the application provides access to all the Statements submitted by the employer in the Information System Ergani (eg start / end of employment, changes / overtime / overtime, leave, etc.) .

The same applies to the payments from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the context of the various actions of financial support of affected, vulnerable social groups, etc. Also, there is a special section for the promotion of important announcements by the managers of PS. . Instrument or the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

B. Businesses

With the start of the first phase of implementation of the Work Card from 1/7/2022, the companies of the first phase of implementation have the obligation to communicate to the Information System Ergani, daily and directly, in real time, the details of the real working time (start events and termination of employment) for each employee who works with a physical presence on each day at the company.

These companies have the possibility of direct connection of the timing system (if they have one) with the new mechanism of the Work Card in the PS. Ergani, while if this is not possible, the Ministry of Labor has the Ergani CardScanner application.

Ergani CardScanner application supports mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) with Android OS or iOS operating system. It is necessary to use a device with a camera and a seamless internet connection via WiFi and / or 4G mobile network, for the immediate submission of the arrival / departure events of the employee.

It is proposed the possibility of using both networks (WiFi and 4G) in order to ensure the timely submission of the declaration in case of technical failure in the network.

The companies have the possibility to complete the identification process with the OPS IKA / EFKA codes of the company or with Branch codes that they have created in the PS. INSTRUMENTS specifically for the Job Card submission mechanism.

Employers have access to the Work Card statements that are automatically submitted by the CardScanner application for each reading of the Digital Employee Card, as the data is stored and available to the employer through the web portal of the PS. ΕΡΓΑΝΗ (


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