All the new programs of OAED for the new recruitments

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Of Dimitris Katsaganis

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A total of 86,000 new jobs could be created this year through OAED programs, according to the presentation made yesterday at the headquarters of the organization, with the participation of the Prime Minister, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis and the commander of OAED, Spyros Protopsaltis.

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Of the 86,000, 62,000 will come from programs that will “open” this year, while the remaining 24,000 will come from programs that “opened” last year.

The new programs of 2022

In 2022, with funds from the Recovery & Resilience Fund and the NSRF, OAED will implement 11 new employment experience and entrepreneurship programs (4 in the lignite areas), amounting to 587 million euros. They concern 62,000 jobs.

Of these, 35,000 will “run” with Recovery Fund funding.

All the new programs of OAED for the new recruitments

With the resources of the NSRF, this year will be “opened” new programs of 27,000 new jobs, namely these will be:


The programs of 2021 that remain “open” this year as well

Of the 16 programs of 2021, 7 programs remain open for applications, according to the Ministry of Labor. These will contribute approximately 24,000 jobs by 2022. These are:

– Business subsidy program for the employment of unemployed people aged 30 and over in the Regions in transition (MET), with emphasis on women (cycle)

-Special business grant program for the employment of 3,400 unemployed, former employees in companies affected by de-ligation in the Regions of Western Macedonia and the Peloponnese

– Special Preparatory Program for 2,000 unemployed young people, aged 18-29, from areas of the Regions of Western Macedonia and Peloponnese affected by the effects of de-ligation

– Employment Program for the Unemployed from Vulnerable Social Groups (EKO)

– Second business opportunity program

– Program of 9,200 beneficiaries “Labor Market Reintegration Check”

– Employment Program for the Long-term Unemployed 55-67 years old

– All the key points for the new measures to support the victims


Source From: Capital

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