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Alpha Trust: The effects of the pandemic and the energy crisis on the company’s financial figures

Alpha Trust made an announcement regarding the effects on the one hand of the energy crisis and on the other hand of the spread of the coronavirus in its financial figures.

As mentioned in the relevant announcement, the increase in turnover and net results are the main characteristics of the financial results from continuing activities of the Alpha Trust Group, during the nine months of 2021, in which net profits from continuing activity were recorded at 633.2 thousand euros. against losses from continuing activity of 10 thousand euros in the corresponding period last year.

The consolidated financial figures of the Alpha Trust Group for the nine months of 2021 are as follows:

Summary presentation of Group results for the nine months 2021 from ongoing activities

– The turnover of the Alpha Trust Group amounted to 4.5 million euros (1.6 million euros for the third quarter of 2021), compared to 3.8 million euros in the corresponding period of 2020 (1.2 million. euro for the third quarter of 2020), recording an increase of 18.47%.

– Operating results of taxes on financial and investment results amounted to 746.5 thousand euros (356.6 thousand euros for the third quarter of 2021), compared to 106.5 thousand euros in the corresponding period of 2020 (70.8 thousand . relate to the third quarter of 2020), recording an increase of 601%.

– The net results of the nine months of 2021 from continuing activities corresponding to the shareholders of the parent company amounted to profits of 633.2 thousand euros (312.6 thousand euros in the third quarter of 2021) against losses of 10 thousand euros in the corresponding period last year.

Covid effect – 19

According to the announcement, the Management of the company closely and systematically monitors the developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and takes care on a daily basis of the measures that are deemed deliberate and necessary in order to ensure business continuity, smooth operation and limitation. the negative consequences of the pandemic to the least extent possible.


– A crisis management plan has been activated for Covid – 19, by implementing policies and procedures that allow flexible forms of work so that the Company ‘s operations are performed daily, smoothly and smoothly by the company’ s executives either from their workplace or remotely, through teleworking

– Informs and implements the instructions of EODY regarding the precaution and personal hygiene of employees in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

– Numerous meetings are avoided and teleconferences are held between executives and external collaborators.

– A travel restriction has been implemented.

Consequences of the energy crisis

Rising commodity prices, especially in the global energy sector in recent months, could put a significant strain on family budgets, ultimately squeezing household purchasing power.

The increased cost of raw materials and transportation costs will squeeze the profit margins of companies.

The Company’s management monitors the above developments in energy and inflation, as well as their effects on the Greek and global economy, as well as their consequences on the fundamental financial figures of the companies and on private consumption.

Regarding Alpha Trust AEDAK & OEE, as a service company, the above effects do not have a significant effect on its immediate operation.


Source From: Capital

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