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Alvaro Soler will soon be a father: his first child with Melanie Kroll is on the way

TOlvaro Soler and his wife Melanie Kroll they have breakfast by the sea, then he takes the newspaper and reads the news on the front page: «Baby n.1 coming soon». The singer has found a decidedly original way to announce to fans the arrival of his firstborn, which judging by the future mother's belly, shouldn't take too long.

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No indiscretions, at least so far, about the sex of the baby, but the joy is certainly great. Álvaro Soler and Melanie Kroll, a German model and fitness instructor, are married from 23 May 2023. The civil “yes” in Berlin, followed by a party in a villa in Potsdam, where she grew up. A ceremony kept away from the spotlight, so much so that at the time many of his fans said they were shocked by the news, which arrived suddenly, as well as the history between the two: the first red carpet together dates back to 2022, before then no one had ever associated them with each other.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Before Melanie, her colleague had been at the singer's side Sofia Ellar, with whom Soler had had an important affair lasting five years and who he should have married. The wedding was first postponed due to Covid-19 and then definitively canceled due to the breakup between the two, which occurred in 2021. For those who believe it, it wasn't meant to be. Soler found love alongside Melanie today, and he couldn't be happier.

Source: Vanity Fair

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