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Scholz reiterated that he would not approve a Taurus delivery to Ukraine if German troops were necessary

The chancellor Olaf Solz once again ruled out the possibility of delivering the “Taurus” system to the Ukrainian armed forces, if German troops to participate in the manipulation on Ukrainian soil.

“It is clear that we cannot deliver a weapon system with a very long range and not think about how will this be checked. And if we want to be in control, and this is possible only with the participation of German soldiers, then for me it's out of the question”Mr. Soltz said during a visit earlier today to a school near Stuttgart in response to questions from students.

The chancellor already stated last week that he would not approve the delivery of the “Taurus” because, as he explained, the Germany it cannot, like Britain and France, have missile control. With his statement, he hinted that the two countries have their soldiers in Ukraine, causing, according to media, the reaction of the British and French governments.

Asked about this today, deputy government spokesman Wolfgang Buchner and foreign ministry spokesman Christian Wagner limited themselves to stating that there is a continuous and intensive exchange with Germany's NATO allies.

Source: News Beast

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