Amal puppet arrives in Calais, the penultimate station of her “odyssey” in Europe

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THE giant puppet Amal, the “representative” of refugee children from all over the world, arrived today in Calais, in the north of France, the port where aspiring immigrants gather trying to reach Britain. THE “little Amal»Will cross the Channel itself, completing a journey of 8,000 kilometers.

Amal’s journey, a 3.5-meter-tall puppet, began in July from Turkey. After passing through Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, will end up in Manchester, UK.

Its “odyssey” aims to mobilize Europe for the fate of immigrants, especially unaccompanied children or those separated from their families. It conveys the message “do not forget me”, explained the British organization “Good chance Theater” which had the idea of ​​this “show”.

In Calais, near the fortress of Vieux-d’Ivoire, she was welcomed by about 400 people, including many children, human rights activists and opposition politicians. “Mayor Natasha Bouchard (right) refused to take Amal to the beach and cross the city, so our neighborhood welcomed her as discreetly as possible,” said Martin, a Secours Catholique activist.

Few immigrants were in the crowd. On the other side of the fortress, more than 400 people were waiting to be given food.

Amal will continue her walk near the border with Belgium at night and then will leave for Britain, not by inflatable but through the Channel Tunnel.

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