Amanda Knox became a mother, Eureka was born

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Red bow for Amanda Knox and her husband Christopher Robinson. The American couple, she a journalist, he a writer, welcomed theirs first daughter, Eureka Muse Knox-Robinson.

The news of the pregnancy comes fromThe podcast created by the couple, Labyrinths. The last episode in fact followed Amanda Knox from the moment she noticed a hemorrhage in the 38th week of pregnancy until her hospitalization, which ended with the birth.

It is not, however, a fact of these days. Although the precise date of birth of the little Eureka is not known, an article appeared yesterday in the New York Times did it know that Knox and Robinson they became parents of little Eureka months ago.

Amanda Knox herself made known to reporters from the New York Times of having initially wanted to keep the birth top secret: “I’m still very anxious about the invasion of my life by the paparazzi. I was afraid they would crowd in front of the front door “, specified the Seattle journalist and activist, born in 1987.

Impossible not to remember the key episode in the biography of Amanda Knox: fourteen years ago the young woman was unjustly convicted and then exonerated for the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher, who died in 2007, when Knox was a twenty-year-old expat living in a studio in Perugia. The wounds, of course, remained.


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