Truth, Trump’s social network and the increasingly difficult fight against fake news

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The adventure of Truth Social, the new platform that the former US president Donald Trump has announced that it will launch to “resist the tyranny of Big Tech.” Less than two hours after the announcement, the hackers managed to access a private version of the social network, creating fake accounts for Trump, for his adviser Steve Bannon, QAn theorist Ron Watkins and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Using a fake account «donaldjtrump»Posted pictures of pigs defecating, wrote rants against Dorsey and asked where former first lady Melania Trump was. The images quickly went viral on other social media platforms and in an interview with the New York Times hackers, affiliated with Anonymous, the collective of free hackers, claimed that the effort is part of their “online war against hate” . Since Truth Social was made available for pre-order on the Apple App Store on Wednesday, inviting anyone interested to join a waiting list for its release, from that little digital information Anonymous still managed to access the beta version of the application.

The hack forced the app developers of the Trump Media & Technology Group, the new company created specifically by Trump, to block new accounts and close the development platform for now. An uphill start, therefore, which however did not prevent the company’s actions SPAC, the Digital World Acquisition, another company created specifically to raise funds and then be merged with the first, of increase by 400% or up to $ 52 per share, following Wednesday news of the merger that would launch the social media platform.

Despite this surge in the stock market, Tump’s skepticism towards this new entrepreneurial venture is high. Partly because the precedents, the University, the casinos in Atlantic City, the vodka, the Miss Universe contest, all ended badly. A little because the announcement of wanting to fight fake news by those who, one year after the elections, are still repeating the Big Lie, the big lie, about fraud and the fact that Joe Biden he didn’t actually win, when all the courts he desperately turned to denied the presence of fraud, it’s bizarre to say the least.

Yet Truth Social could be successful, it could attract many users unhappy with the behavior of Facebook and Twitter, two of the social networks that blocked Trump, the first temporarily, the second permanently, and convinced that Bigh Tech really has a political agenda of progressive and liberal type with an anti-right function, and above all it could allow Tump to raise many millions from his supporters. It could also serve as a megaphone for the former president in case he decides to reapply for the 2024 presidential elections, a possibility he has mentioned several times, but has not yet confirmed.


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