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Amazon will film a series about the default of the FTX crypto exchange

Amazon ordered a mini-series based on the story of the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange. Production will be handled by the directors of Marvel’s latest Avengers films, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo.

The series will consist of eight episodes and will be produced by the brothers’ production company, ABGO. The directors intend to independently stage several episodes and engage in general production of the project.

The series is being written by AppleTV+ author of The Hunters and Invasion, David Weil. The film will be based on reports from several unnamed journalists who have covered FTX and its founder, former CEO Sam Bankman-Freed.

According to the Russo brothers, the FTX collapse is one of the most brazen acts of fraud ever perpetrated on the planet. They called the founder of the crypto exchange a very mysterious figure with complex and potentially dangerous motives.

Several Marvel comics actors are in talks to star in the series, with Rise of the Planet of the Apes producer Mike Larocca, Angela Russo-Otstot and Scott Nemes serving as executive producers in addition to the Russo brothers. .

Earlier, the head of research at Chainalysis, Eric Jardine, said that the cryptocurrency industry has experienced more destructive events than the collapse of FTX.

Source: Bits

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