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Carnage in the US: “Thankfully he is not gay”, says the father of the 22-year-old who killed 5 people in a gay bar

A 22 year old gunman entered LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado just before midnight Saturday and opened firekilling five people and injuring 25 others, before patrons stopped him. “I’m a Mormon and a Republican and we don’t accept her homosexualitysays the former porn star and drug addict father of the alleged perpetrator.

Speaking in an interview about the time a lawyer called him to inform him of his son’s murderous outburst in Club Q a few days ago, Aaron Brink said she was initially concerned the 22-year-old man was gay. “I was scared. I said to myself “fuck it, is he gay? But finally he’s not gay” the 48-year-old man said in front of the camera of a television station with … relief in his infuriating statements.

“I’m Mormon. I’m a conservative Republican and so are we we do not accept homosexualityadded Brink, a former MMA wrestler who switched careers to become porn star.

Brink, who lives in San Diego, has been estranged from his son for years, even believing for a long time that he was dead. The 22-year-old suspect murderer he had changed his last name in order to have nothing to do with his father, since he accepted bullying online as a teenager about Brink’s porn “career” and drug addiction.

Source: News Beast

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