Amazon workers strike for the first time in the UK

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Hundreds of employees in Amazon is on strike today at a storage unit of the American giant in Coventry, Central Englandasking better wageswhich is a first for the business at United Kingdom.

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Hundreds of workers in Amazon is on strike today in Coventry, over 98% of them support the strike,” the GMB union said in a post, with a photo of the strikers.

Amazon workers had already mobilized to demand better wages in the UK last summer, in particular at a storage unit in Tilbury, east London, but at the time it was not officially a strike, as, as APE-MPE notes, for something like this it needs to be preceded by certain procedures, such as a vote among the employees.

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The MP and former Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted a photo of workers holding GMB union placards reading “We deserve more” or “Amazon’s exploitation of workers must stop. I support the workers at Amazon, they are not robots.”

“It takes an Amazon warehouse worker over 8 weeks of work to make what CEO Jeff Bezos makes in a single second,” Corbin said in his post, adding “They are striking for the first time in the UK demanding better wages and working conditions.

A GMB union official told the BBC that workers are currently paid £10 an hour and cannot live on that wage level. They are asking for £15, arguing that a digital giant like Amazon has the wherewithal to do so.

Source: News Beast

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