Amber Heard: “The scariest thing when you talk about sexual violence is not being believed”

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«The most frightening and intimidating for anyone you talk to sexual violence it is not to be believed, to be called liars or be humiliated ». Amber Heard launches a new attack – albeit indirect – on her ex-husband Johnny Depp: after having been convicted of defamation due to a famous editorial on the Washington Post in which – even there without mentioning the former partner – spoke of abuses sufferedthe American actress confirms hers version of the facts.

«If I’m afraid that continuing to discuss the process receive another complaint for defamation? Of course, ”is Amber’s answer to the question of Savannah Guthriein a long interview for Datelineon NBC. “I took for granted what I assumed it was my right to speak. I’m afraid that no matter what I do or say or how I say it, each step may represent another opportunity for this sort of muting“.

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But Amber, in fact, continues to go his own waywithout any backtracking about his disputed claims: «As long as I live I will repeat every word of my testimony. I said the truth in the face of power e I paid the price“. A story that collides with the version of Depp, who claims he has never beaten a woman in his life. “I am not a vengeful person and looking for revenge, ”Heard said again.

Which also revealed to be in possession of the notes taken for years by her therapistwhich they would confirm the tales about Depp’s alleged violence. “The delusion what I feel goes beyond words », he had said immediately afterwards the sentence who sentenced her to compensation over $ 8 million. “I have the broken heart from the fact that the mountain of evidence was not enough to resist to power and influence of my ex-husband “.

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“And I’m even more disappointed with what this verdict means for other women. It’s a setback. Turn back the clock at a time when a woman who talked about certain issues came humiliated and not believed“.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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