Ambra Angiolini, Max Allegri’s “betrayal” and the end of a love that deserves respect

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The end of a love deserves respect. Although the protagonists are two famous like Ambra Angiolini e Massimiliano Allegri. The seventeen-year-old had to remind the adults about it Jolanda, born from the marriage of Ambra with the singer Francesco Renga. When the indiscretion of the breakup between the actress and the coach became public, Amber received gives Strip the News a tapir that has his daughter is hurt in the soul. Pushing it to one social outlet in which he also reveals the causes of the farewell: Allegri would have betrayed his mother’s trust.

«Is it really necessary to rage? Why come to Milan? Why not go to Turin (where Allegri is now, ed)? Why did she trust the person she was with and with whom she shared four years of her life? », Wrote Jolanda in her Instagram Stories. “And even if this person turned out to be different in the end, the fault lies with those who trust or who betray trust, and betrays in every possible sense? ».

The message shared by Yolanda Renga via Instagram

Ambra and Allegri had been together since 2017. And until recently everything seemed to be going well. “For him I have eyes to heart”, the ex-girl said It is not Rai some time ago. That for him, she had recently moved from Brescia to Milan. Then, only last August, Angiolini had defended with her nails, via social media, a hater that had given his mate a “slimy”.

In the space of a few weeks, everything changed. So much so that Ambra last September, at the wedding of Valentina, the eldest daughter of the coach (had by ex-wife Gloria), would not have been there, he says now Spend. To listen to the gossip, Allegri would have disappeared from the actress’s life without giving too many explanations. She would do anything to mend the relationship, but in vain. Allegri would now have taken up residence in Turin, and when he returns to Milan, do everything possible not to let his ex know. Certainly, as the seventeen-year-old Jolanda reminds the “grown-ups”, when a love ends, what need is there to rage?

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