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AMD Updated Its Chipset Drivers for Windows 11: Now You Can Update Safely

The latest driver set for AMD motherboard chipsets supporting Athlon, Ryzen, and Threadripper processors contains fixes for critical bugs that caused BSODs on Windows 11 22H2.

Notably, the description of the AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver driver package has only one modest entry “Fixing bugs in several drivers”, but the list of drivers reveals more detailed changes, including the appearance of a blue screen of death in Windows 11 22H2.

The Neowin resource writes that along with the fixes of old errors, new ones have appeared. So, for example, in the Russian-language version of Windows, after the update, there may be problems with text alignment. In some cases, custom installation does not update drivers to the latest versions. In addition, users need to manually restart the computer for the changes to take effect, and the deletion status in the log may appear as a failure in the operating system.

You can download the latest AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver for Windows 10 and 11 from the company’s official website.

Source: Trash Box

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