Amendment of the Ministry of Transport for extension by 1 year of the OASA, OSETH contracts with the KTEL

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The possibility of extending for one year the sublease agreements between OASA / OSETH and the KTEL, is provided in an amendment of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

As stated in the explanatory memorandum of the relevant amendment of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is included in the draft law of the Ministry of Finance, “the proposed regulation is a necessary measure to address the spread of COVID-19 disease by the use of public transport , by extending the possibility of outsourcing the transport project.

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In particular, as the pandemic has not been eliminated and it is estimated by experts that it will continue to exist, there is a need to better serve the passenger public and avoid overcrowding. “At the same time, it is pointed out that extension of the award contracts, with the result that the project is in danger of being suspended. “This, combined with the fact that public transport operators in Athens and Thessaloniki need a reasonable amount of time to acquire the necessary number of modern buses and the necessary staff to carry out all the work assigned to them in their area of ​​responsibility.”

More specifically, Article 1 states:

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Transport project assignment contracts, as well as sublease contracts, which have been signed until the entry into force of the present between the Athens Urban Transport Organization SA. (OASA SA) of the Thessaloniki Transport Project Organization SA (OSETH SA) and the relevant KTEL. SA, pursuant to par. 3 of article 54 of law 4568/2018 (A ‘178), may be extended up to one (1) from their expiration.

The extension of the subcontracting and subleasing contracts, pursuant to this, constitutes an amendment of the existing contracts in respect of these terms and is subject to the approval of the competent body.


Source: Capital

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