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American prisoners released from Iran arrive in US – ‘Nightmare is finally over’

The five Americans released from the Iran they returned to the US today, ending their “nightmare”. imprisonment, one day after exchanging five Iranians held in the US and releasing Iranian funds amounting to 6 billion dollars. Stepping off the plane, the five Americans were greeted by family and friends with smiles, laughter and obvious emotion, according to airport video.

“The nightmare is finally over“, said Babak Namazi, hugging his brother Siamak who returned home. The welcome ceremony followed a carefully orchestrated swap agreed after months of talks brokered by Qatar and activated yesterday when funds held in South Korea were transferred via Switzerland to banks in Doha.

After the transfer was confirmed, the five American prisoners and two of their relatives boarded an aircraft of Catarrh and departed Tehran at the same time as two of the five Iranian prisoners landed in Doha on their way home. Three Iranians chose not to return to Iran.

The agreement removes a point of friction between the USAwhich characterize the Tehran sponsor of terrorism, and Iran, referred to in the US as the “Great Satan”. However, it is not clear whether this will bring the two rivals closer on other issues, such as Iran’s nuclear program and its support for regional paramilitary organizations or the US military presence in the Gulf and US sanctions, APE-MPE reports.

The freed Americans include Shiamak Namazi, 51, and Emad Sharqi, 59, businessmen with dual US and Iranian citizenship, and 67-year-old environmentalist Morad Tahbaz, who also holds British citizenship. The details of the other two were not made public.

Source: News Beast

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