Amici 22: Samu, the rebuke of Maria De Filippi and the shadow of nutmeg

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The elephant in the room of the episode of Friends broadcast on 22 January, it has only one scent: that of nutmeg that the school pupils incautiously inhaled on New Year’s Eve, undergoing a series of disciplinary measures by the production that divided the audience into those who deem them appropriate and those who consider them excessive. Although during the episode no explicit mention was made of the incident, which was always discussed on Canale 5 the previous week, to attract the attention of the first block was Samu, engaged in the comparative challenge with Paky precisely because of what happened at the beginning of the year. Who follows Friends he knows well that this challenge has a long aftermath, given that it began on Sunday 15 January only to be frozen to allow judge Francesca Bernabini to reflect and calmly decide who to continue and who to stop.

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Even in this lap, however, it was not possible to decide Samu’s fate as, suddenly, thereProfessor Alessandra Celentano intervened asking to be able to give Paky a bench regardless of the outcome of the challenge, a proposal accepted by the rest of the commission which therefore decided to keep Samu in suspense for another week, waiting to understand whether or not he will be saved. What caught the attention of the episode, however, was Maria De Filippi’s reaction to a small insubordination on the part of the student: during the performance together with his opponent, in fact, Samu thought (wrongly) of taking off his shirt even if the choice had not been communicated during the rehearsals – for Friends in fact, it is not possible to change the performances with respect to what was done in the rehearsal room – meeting the reproach of the presenter who, since the nutmeg scandal took hold, seems decidedly more cautious and suspicious of some boys held responsible for the stunt .

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The week before it happened, for example, also to Wax, scolded by the presenter for having turned away from Arisa while the latter was talking to him. “Wax, don’t turn your back on people who talk to you: it’s polite. I’m starting to hate the rudeness anymore. You were the ringleader of the assholes», Maria had told him, unable to hide her annoyance. Meanwhile, those who follow the daytime of Friends he knows how much Samu suffers from what happened. «I feel that I have to explode, otherwise I’m going home. This morning I was down, subdued, out of fear and some things that were going through my head. But it’s useless», the boy had said, still waiting to understand what will become of him. All while connecting her Isobel gain direct access to evening’s Friends thus reaching Ramon.

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