An accessible trip through the Serra Gaúcha alongside the wheelchair user Ketly Vieira

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With visitors throughout the year, the cities of Serra Gaúcha, in Rio Grande do Sul, have a complete schedule to enjoy in all seasons. But it is in winter that the region is famous among tourists for providing the chill of the mountains, accompanied by impeccable cuisine – read delicious wines and lots of chocolates.

In just over two hours (by road) from the capital Porto Alegre, you can feel and experience the European climate, which is in the architecture, customs and hospitality of its population, made up mainly of Germans and Italians.

With Christmas approaching, Gramado is especially enchanting. With its lights and decoration, the city gives a feeling of being inside a movie. There are beautiful shows and attractions created exclusively for this season, which always count on the presence of the good old man.

But it’s not just Gramado that has its charms. Canela, Bento Gonçalves, Caxias do Sul, Nova Petrópolis and Garibaldi are just some of the 28 cities to be known, which also impress for their landscapes and culture, which can transport you to other countries.

We highlight here some unmissable tours, a guide for all travelers, especially those looking for places with accessibility, whether for people with a disability, who use a wheelchair as mobility, or for the elderly – population, in fact, with consumption power and which grows more every year – looking for comfort and safety, or even for those traveling with small children in strollers.

Mini World Park

A trip where you can visit the most iconic works in Brazil and the world in one place.

Mini Mundo is a mandatory stop for anyone in Gramado. In this open-air park, we see replicas of large buildings reduced in size 24 times smaller than the original, but with extreme care in detail. The mini-inhabitants seem to have a life, with their daily activities like simply reading a newspaper. This newspaper can even be removed at the entrance and visitors follow the news during the tour.

The details are so perfect that we can even see reserved parking spaces, streets and traffic signs.

For visitors using a wheelchair, the Mini Mundo is accessible with ramps and adapted restrooms. Anyone with a manual wheelchair is required to be available or a person who can help on the ramps.

For those with visual impairments, they bring a mini replica that can be played and, for the hearing impaired, there is an explanation for each work.

maria smoke

A very lively train, where passengers can taste wines, sparkling wines and grape juice, while enjoying the scenery to the sound of regional music.

From Bento Gonçalves to Carlos Barbosa, the train, a steam locomotive, travels 23 km and the trip is very lively, reflecting the essence of the Italians.

This tour, carried out by Giordani Turismo, is 100% accessible. The locomotive has an elevator to go up in the car and an adapted bathroom.

On the way back, made by an accessible tourist bus, there is a stop at the Epopéia Italiana Theme Park, where emotion takes over with the staging of the history of Italian immigration in Bento Gonçalves.

Air Cable Car – Serra Park

Located in the city of Canela, the aerial trams have three stations, between mountains and valleys, with the best view of the Caracol Cascade.

All stations have spaces designed for easy access to people with disabilities. When boarding the cable cars, there are monitors and ramps to facilitate access to the equipment. At the Central and Cascata stations, in addition to the elevator, the boarding paths have handrails and signs. And at Animal station, the ecological trail is wider than the conventional trails.

The bathrooms are adapted, offering good comfort and safety conditions.

stone cathedral

The Catedral de Pedra, in Canela, is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Essential for getting to know, admiring the work and enjoying the environment to say thanks.

The tower is 65 meters high and has a carillon of 12 bronze bells from Italy. In addition, inside, there are three panels painted by the Rio Grande do Sul artist Marciano Schmitz. The works portray the “Apparition of Our Lady”, the “Allegory of the Angels” and the “Annunciation.

On the side of the Cathedral there is an accessible entrance.

where to stay

Villa Bella Hotel and Spa Gramado

This hotel has an entire accessibility structure, such as a heated swimming pool with a lift for wheelchair users, restaurant tables at the ideal height for a wheelchair and adapted rooms with different layouts, which can suit the whole family.

But it doesn’t end there, the hotel has an adapted van that takes people in a wheelchair (in their own wheelchair) to Rua Coberta, in the center.


Bela Vista Café Colonial, in Gramado

The famous colonial coffee is a tradition that remains in Gramado. Bela Vista Café Colonial serves more than 80 varied dishes. There are cakes, breads, snacks, cold meats, juices, wine, everything you like. Don’t forget to ask about the ice creams and frozen sweets, they are delicious.

Cozy place, great to go with the family and enjoy the early morning in the city. Accessibility is excellent, with an adapted and individual bathroom, table that fits a wheelchair and reserved parking.

Tarantino Ristorante, in Gramado

Overlooking the center of Gramado and traditional Italian cuisine, Tarantino Ristorante is a great option in the city. The atmosphere is cozy, with the sound of the piano and candlelight. The quality of well-served dishes is noticed with each mouthful.

Excellent accessibility that facilitates locomotion in a wheelchair, with ramps and ample spaces between tables. It has the menu option in Braille.

Giordani Gastronomia, in Bento Gonçalves

A gastronomic experience overlooking the Vale dos Vinhedos in Bento Gonçalves. Dedicated to Italian and Gaucho flavors and culture, the restaurant serves meat and pasta. A very beautiful space, with typical decorative elements and an inseparable facade.

Accessible restaurant with ramp and adapted bathroom.

Chez Lys Blanc in Cinnamon

Known as the most romantic fondue in Canela. Perfect for couples, families and cozy for get-togethers and dinners with friends. Very well located, the restaurant offers parking with special space, adapted bathroom and table at the ideal height for wheelchairs.

Ketly Scallop

Content creator, graduated in the financial area, 15 years ago she started using a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy.
Passionate about travel, she was faced with a lack of information on accessibility. Today, with his little daughter Amanda, he visits and shares on his Instagram @ketly.scallop places, tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants so that more people in a similar situation can enjoy it without fear and safely.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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