An idea for the head: four techniques for wavy hair without a straightener

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The world is not made of plates and irons alone waves. Although the queen technique to have soft and sinuous waves is to arm yourself with a styler (and a lot of familiarity), you can still get it wavy hair, of those to be envied by regenerating sun and salt baths, with other methods without heat. More hair-friendly strategies, and also fun to try. Only precaution: prepare the base with sprays or saline products capable of creating texture and giving body to the hair.

The season par excellence of beach waves it is close, so all that remains is to prepare to welcome it by testing yourself with small and simple techniques for wow effect waves.

The braid

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The easiest, most practical and best known method is to create one or more braids depending on the effect you want to achieve and sleep on it all night. Upon awakening, the hair will appear gently wavy and with a natural effect. For a longer finish strong and bouncy you can decide to create braids with damp hair, wait for them to dry and then melt them.

Hair curler

Or more simply, maxi curlers, padded in the shape of a “U”. Once folded in half, it sits on the head and stops at the top with a clip letting the two flaps fall sideways. At that point, once the hair has been divided in two, roll up the lengths, making sure to overlap each lock, in a spiral mode, along the two edges and fixing the ends with an elastic. It is left on for a few hours and the wave effect is guaranteed. You can proceed with dry hair for a softer finish, or with damp hair for more defined waves.

The robe belt

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You can replicate the previous method by simply using a bathrobe belt or small towels. We start by stopping the belt with a beak at the base of the hair, or in any case from the point where you want to start the waves, wrapping the lengths in a spiral. It goes like this for the whole head. Just like Negin Mirsalehi does in this video.

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The sock

For this method you need a sock, to which the end of the foot will be cut. Once done, simply tie your hair into a very high ponytail that will fit inside the sock. It proceeds by rolling it all up like a bun and is held like this for the whole night. Upon awakening, very soft waves await you.

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