An idea for the head: the fringe of spring-summer 2021 is wispy


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With a fake disheveled, wavy, almost wrinkled effect. Provided it is not scruffy. We are talking about the wispy bang, literally “tufted” fringe, at the top of the list of new year’s trends and which will explode in spring summer 2021. Cleared by the trend anticipator Taylor Swift, and in unsuspecting times Pryankra Chopra and Audrey We, promises to be a real must have for next spring-summer, just as the season’s catwalks testify.

From the more defined and curly version of Hermes to the casual messy proposal by Kenzo passing through Valentino and Drome, the wispy fringe seems to want to archive years of smooth, rounded fringes, ironed almost to the limit of perfection to make room for a little wild freedom. But with due attention, pain – as he explains Marina Marcuccetti, owner of Cotril Salons by Marina in Forte dei Marmi the fall into a real messy and unkempt effect. We asked her for some ad hoc advice for its realization.

«The wispy bangs have a strong point her being disheveled and moved but, as always in these cases, in making it nothing should be left to chance. It is performed, in fact, with a very precise technique: starting from the central part of the forehead, triangular sections are obtained and the whole fringe is cut, strand by strand. The point is to create parade locks through a game of full and empty, always being very careful to balance the proportions».

«It is a type of fringe recommended especially for those with an oval-shaped face or a high forehead, and it is perfect to highlight and enhance the look

«You have to be very careful when drying, when you do it without the help of the hairdresser, because it is easy to fall into the unkempt effect. My advice is to use a flat brush and direct the heat of the hair dryer in the natural direction of the bangs. To give it more shine and naturalness, thus also avoiding frizz, it is good to use a prestayling and protective product come Cotril Primer, the spray that does not weigh down and helps protect the hair from external agents, or Cotril Ocean, the salt spray that creates movement and texture by removing frizz».

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