An upcoming title for Charlotte: will she be Duchess of Edinburgh?

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Many have wondered who would get the dukedom of Edinburgh, a title that belonged to the consort of Elizabeth II. Papabile, according to many was Prince Edward, brother of the king, but still Charles did not award him the title. The Mail on Sunday rreveals a probable explanation. That title is not for Edward, but King Charles would like to reserve it for his niece: the princess Charlotte.

The revelation, currently unconfirmed, comes after months of hypotheses and probably discussions within the royal house. Why give the title of Duchess of Edinburgh to Charlotte? It would be a way to remind the queen that she was duchess alongside her husband and a way to honor the line of succession.

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As the second daughter of the Prince of Wales, Charlotte is third in line to the throne, after her father William and brother George. When Kate was expecting her first child, the rules for succession were changed and Charlotte acquired the same rights as the brothers.

The title of Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh she is among the highest in the rank of the royal family and giving it to Charlotte would also be a way to underline the fact that she is the first woman not to take a step back in the line of succession in front of men, even younger than her. This means that, as long as her brother George has no children, she will be second in line of succession and not little Louis. Giving her the title is part of Charles’s strategy who wants to streamline the royal family and give more tasks and weight to the direct line of succession.

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This title has only been given three times in the history of the British monarchy. George I created it in 1726 for his nephew Frederick who later became Prince of Wales. During Queen Victoria’s reign it went to her second son, Prince Alfred. Then to Philip at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth.

Within the royal family it was often thought that the title would go to Edward who is earl of Wessex by marriage and became Earl of Forfar in 2019 on his 55th birthday. Even in the official family profile this was assumed after Edward had taken over from his father as patron of the prize Duke of Edinburgh. Not receiving the title would be a setback and the Palazzo is thinking of an alternative to propose to Edoardo according to the Mail on Sunday.\

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Source: Vanity Fair

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