An update on President Trump’s health condition after his Coronavirus diagnosis

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new layer of confusion arose regarding the president’s health this Sunday, after a White House doctor’s remarked on the soundness of President Donald Trump in the midst of his diagnosis for Covid-19, even as Dr. Sean Conley, physician to President Donald Trump tried to clear out the conflicting proclamations from the day preceding.  

Also, a short motorcade ride outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the cheers of supporters showed up at chances with a patient getting COVID-19 medicines. 

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It was reported by Dr. Sean Conley, physician to President Donald Trump; that after there was a sudden decrease in the blood oxygen levels of the president in the past days, he was given dexamethasone, which is a steroid that is being given to Coronavirus patient as a part of his Coronavirus treatment. Since then, an improvement has been noted in the health of the president and there are chances that he might get discharged from the hospital on Monday. 

According to Conley, the president had a blood oxygen level below 94% along with high fever on Friday and during “another episode” on Saturday. When asked by Conley if the presidents blood oxygen level dropped below 90%, he dodged the question saying “We don’t have any recordings here on that.” According to Trumps medical team his oxygen level is 98% currently. 

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Tension rose among Trump’s supporters after the statement of Mark Medows White House chief that some of his signs following the Coronavirus diagnosis were concerning, this statement contradicted the update that Trump’s doctor had provided regarding his health previously. 

Trump was also being given two experimental drugs along with the steroid, according to his doctors. He was given a dose of a drug by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. To test if it is successful in improving the health condition of the president by strengthening his immune system against the virus.  

Other than this, he was also given Remdesivir twice daily, a Gilead Sciences five-day course drug that is given to severely and moderately sick patients. 

On Sunday, it was reported by Trump’s team that the health of the president was improving and that he was “up and around”. On Sunday afternoon, Trump was also seen taking an impromptu ride in a motorcade to greet his supporters that had gathered outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 



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