Ana Walshe disappeared and investigators discover that her husband Googled: “how to dispose of a body?”

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The disappearance of Ana Walshe, a mother of three children in Massachusetts, United States, has generated great expectation. Now the investigators have found new evidence, which suggests that it is not a case of a missing person, but a possible murder.

According to CNN, among the evidence investigators discovered was that her husband Brian Walshe’s internet history found some searches on dismemberment, as well as the explicit question “how to dispose of the body of a 115-pound (52 kg) woman )?”.

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Ana Walshe, 39, has not been seen since January 1. The three small children of the Walshe couple, ages six, four and two, are in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, since, according to court documents, Brian was in charge of their care while Ana worked in Washington, DC.

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According to the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, Brian Walshe, 47, had already been in trouble with the law when he was arrested in 2016 for selling two paintings as authentic even though they were fake and even though he pleaded guilty. of different charges, is still awaiting sentencing in this case.

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For this reason he was under house arrest and now he is criminally accused of lying to the authorities, as Brian claimed that his wife had gone to Washington due to a work emergency. With his false response, he led investigators out of the area, delaying the search process.

But, according to police sources, investigators have found new evidence, because as a result of the discoveries made in Brian Walshe’s internet search records, a search warrant was obtained at the house, where it was found, according to the Prosecutor’s office, a bloody knife, a saw, and apparent blood stains in the Boston area trash.

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Because Brian was under house arrest, he should not leave the house without authorization, and according to the affidavit in the case, the week of his wife’s disappearance, Brian made several unauthorized trips. He could be identified on surveillance video from a home goods store where he spent $450 on cleaning supplies, according to prosecutors.

As the investigation progresses, new data emerges that point to the possibility that a crime was actually committed. In addition, with the new evidence found, the authorities hope to find out what happened to Ana Walshe.

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