Analysis: CNN poll brings 5 ​​data that put US Democrats on alert

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A new nationwide survey of the CNN in the United States painted a very bleak picture of the electorate for Democrats in the country, igniting several warning signs that suggest the 2022 midterm US election is turning out to be too difficult for them.

Looking at the data, here are five numbers that are particularly worrisome for Democrats, with the US election just five days away.


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That’s the approval rating of President Joe Biden’s work among likely voters in the new poll, down from 46% in a poll by CNN completed between September and early October. Even more troubling for Democrats must be the fact that while only 17% of likely voters strongly approve of the work Biden is doing, 47% strongly disapprove.


That’s the number of likely voters who say Biden hasn’t paid enough attention to the most important problems facing the country. Only 39% say Biden has the right priorities. Call it an “out of reach” issue — and it’s never good for a politician to be on the wrong side of it. By way of context, in a survey carried out by the CNN just before the 2018 midterm elections – in which Democrats won 40 seats in the House – 40% of all respondents said Donald Trump had the right priorities for the country.


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That’s the number of likely voters who say the economy is the key issue in determining their vote. Abortion – for 15% – is the only other issue that ranks in double digits. This is proof positive that we are in another election “on the economy”. And that bodes ill for the ruling party, especially when we consider ongoing concerns about inflation and fuel prices. Meanwhile, Republicans have been hammering away at what they describe as Biden’s mishandling of the economy for months. Among likely voters who say the economy is their top concern, 71% say they plan to support the Republican candidate in their House district.


It is the percentage of likely voters who say things are going “very” or “fairly” well in the country. More than 7 in 10 (72%) say things are going “fairly” or “very” bad. This suggests that this is an electorate hungry for a course correction, which, given that Democrats control the White House, House and Senate, should be very good news for Republicans.


Three-quarters of likely voters say the economy is in the midst of a recession. Whether the economy is heading into recession is a matter of debate, but what is not up for debate is how voters are perceiving economic conditions.

The image that emerges from the poll is of an electorate deeply concerned about the state of the economy and unconvinced that Biden is focusing on it as much as he should. The poll also reveals that anti-Biden voters are far more ardent than pro-Biden voters, a mismatch that often predicts a disparity in election participation.

The poll, in some ways, looks like something close to a worst-case scenario for Democrats. And with less than a week to go until election day, it’s unclear what they can do to change that.

Source: CNN Brasil

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