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Anastácio: Canceling Carnaval 2022 is acting with prudence in front of Ômicron

In this Friday (24th) Freedom of Opinion, commentator Thiago Anastácio spoke about the celebration of the Carnival party in 2022. In view of the advance of the Ômicron variant of the new coronavirus, as well as the new outbreak of influenza, several sectors have reassessed operations for the beginning of next year.

This is the case of the government of Bahia, headed by Rui Costa (PT). On the morning of last Thursday (23), the governor declared, in an interview with CNN, that carrying out the 2022 festivities “would be irresponsible”. In November, the state had 180 Covid-19 patients in hospital beds; since then, the number has jumped 50%.

The city of São Paulo has also been busy: around 24 blocks have already been canceled because of the explosion of flu-like symptoms.

Given this scenario, commentator Thiago Anastácio said he considered the cancellation of next year’s Carnival “prudent”.

“Carnival, although it is a celebration of something fundamentally Catholic, took on very multifaceted contours around Brazil, with a confluence of religions and a richness that not only is contagious, but makes the whole world want to come here to be infected as well. The expression ‘infect’, here, was on purpose”, said Anastácio.

The commentator considers that we are facing a “serious dilemma” with the advance of Ômicron and Influenza.

“Governors and mayors are acting prudently, knowing the risk of taking an unpopular measure, but also that they will be applauded by history. Postponing Carnival, there is a warning, even if subliminal, for the orientation of large New Year’s parties”, he declared.

He also said that there is no reason to celebrate. “Carnival is a meeting of great euphoria and joy. But we have no reason to celebrate: we are still under the aegis of fear.”

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Thiago Anastácio and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the position of the CNN or its employees.

*Under supervision of Daniel Fernandes.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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