Anastasiadis for Tatar: Patience has its limits


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Strictly commented o Nikos Anastasiadis Ersin Tatar’s statements, after the Pentamer impasse on the Cyprus issue.

“One of the arguments they developed during the Geneva summit was that they are co-founders of the Republic of Cyprus. On the other hand, he considered that I insulted the Turkish Cypriots because I called them my fellow citizens. One I would like to ask him: should 97 thousand Turkish Cypriots who have the Cypriot identity, the Cypriot passport and enjoy as much as the Cypriot European citizens, be ashamed? How much more should members of his associates who have a Cypriot identity card or a Cypriot passport be ashamed? I do not want to get involved in controversy, but patience has its limits“, Said the President of Cyprus.

Regarding the next steps of the Greek Cypriot side, Nikos Anastasiadis noted that launches international enlightenment campaign to provoke similar reactions from UN, EU and countries that can influence Turkey, in relation to its positions on the Cyprus issue which are outside the parameters and resolutions of the UN.

Asked if things could change given the intensity with which the Turkish side expresses these positions, the President of the Republic said that “the issue is whether they calculated the cost that they will cause to our Turkish Cypriot compatriots with the isolation to which they lead them. It’s something that is not possible, it’s something that cannot be accepted by the international community, nor by the EU. “

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