Anastasiadis: The next election will be characterized by a sense of increased responsibility

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The next election should be characterized by a sense of increased responsibility towards our country, said the President of Cyprus Democracy Nikos Anastasiadis, adding that it intends to convene a meeting of the political leaders of the parties in the House of Representatives under its new composition, when it convenes and after electing a new Speaker of Parliament.

Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace on Sunday night, the President of the Republic said that “I want to express my absolute satisfaction with the flawless way in which the decisive elections for tomorrow will be held.

The people gave their verdict, the result is absolutely respectable but also decisive for the responsibility of those who trusted him.

Congratulations to the parties that won the vote of confidence of the people.

Special congratulations to each and every one who was elected, but also to those who have contributed to the electoral process with their candidacy.

What I want to point out is that the pre-election process is different from the day after the elections. The first is characterized by a given intense projection of positions or in an inside or outside criticism.

But the next one of the elections should be characterized by the feeling of increased responsibility towards our homeland. That is why I invoke the patriotism that distinguishes or must distinguish every political force, in order, in addition to pre-election expediencies, to respond to the mandate of the people.

I am determined to move in this direction. I already intend to invite the leaders of the parties of the new Parliament, so that we can jointly seek, in a climate of consensus and conciliation, the roadmap for the future of our country.

We do not have the luxury of time. We must act immediately for the advancement and prosperity of the Cypriot people. To meet the needs and expectations of every citizen, regardless of what he has voted for, what he has chosen.

Finally, I would like to thank the Ministry of Interior and all the other Services that contributed to the perfectly flawless election process.

I call on you from tomorrow, all together, to move forward for the good of our homeland, for the Cyprus of Tomorrow “.

Asked when he will convene a meeting of political leaders, the President of the Republic said “after the new Parliament convenes, after the completion of the procedures for the election of the new Speaker of Parliament”.

In a journalist’s remark that DISY had a reduction of its percentages and when asked how it interprets it and whether it reconsiders its point of view and puts forward a candidacy for the 2023 Presidential Elections in order to unite the party, President Anastasiadis said that “today we had Parliamentary Elections. The people decided and chose and gave confidence or the degree of trust depending on the projects and the days of each one. “Besides, I have no comments to make.”

Asked if he sees the election result as a personal justification for what he has been critical of in recent weeks, the president said: “I do not want to be controversial given the result, but also the end of an electoral process. However, what I could observe is that those who, in an excessive and unjustified way, wanted to follow a course to attribute responsibilities or even characterizations to the Government, were not justified. The people responded. “

Asked what was said during tonight’s meeting with the President of DISY Mr. Averof Neophytou, the President of the Republic said that “he just conveyed the result to me, which of course I knew, I congratulated him and that was it”.

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