Anatel approves code 0304 for identification of collection calls

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The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved this Thursday (3), the use of code 0304 for collection activities, as was done with 0303 for telemarketing calls.

According to the agency, the purpose of the measure, which will take effect from the publication of an act by the agency in the coming days, is to contain the misuse of numbering resources by certain agents.

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Rapporteur of the matter, counselor Emmanoel Campelo compared the collection activity to telemarketing services with regard to the volume of short calls that are received by consumers.

“Offering equal or greater weight than the telemarketing activity in terms of volume of short calls in Brazil”, he said. According to him, it is up to the collection service providers to correctly use the service.

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Anatel understands that such calls, such as billing and telemarketing, when massively adopted, overload telecommunications networks.

“What is sought is the adoption of responsible conduct by these companies without overloading the networks”, said the counselor Moisés Moreira. “The 0304 code designation is a tool that empowers the telecommunications user regardless of the situation they find themselves in,” said Campelo.

The regulator announced in August that it would study a code for collect calls, in the same way that it applied a specific identification for telemarketing.

At the time, Campelo stated that the citizen, whether in default or not, “has no lesser right to peace”. “The company has no right to disturb him more because he has a debt,” said the counselor in August, when he determined that Anatel’s technical area should study a specific code for collection calls.

Source: CNN Brasil

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