And bear! Tiktoker claims she’s ‘too pretty to work and get up early’

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New stories come out every day tiktokers doing whatever it takes to go viral, sharing their thoughts and daily life. However, some of his acts or speeches cause a stir in networks. Although many times they do not harm the people around them, they are under the lens of society and the truth is that it is very difficult not to be a victim of harsh criticism.

The case we are going to talk about today is that of Lucy Welcher, a Canadian girl who uses her TikTok account to share her daily life, thoughts and opinions, purchases, as well as makeup and skin care routines. She has thousands of likes in her videos, but one in particular made her go viral in recent days for expressing that she was too pretty to work.

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Lucy Welcher tiktok

Many people find their vocation at an early age, but that is not the case for Lucy, who repeatedly during her videos mentions that she does not like the job, that she is not cut out for it or that she has not yet decided what she wants to do. for the rest of his life.

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The speech that put her on everyone’s lips was that in one of her most recent videos she declared:

I don’t want to work the rest of my life. Does it look like I want to get up at 6:00 am every damn day for the next 60 years? Nope! I’m too pretty for that!

Lucy Welcher tiktoker with blue dress

She posted that video casually, like the hundreds of videos before it, not knowing she was going to get a lot of hate comments for her way of thinking. Although there were those among netizens who showed support for her, she received many negative responses, telling her that she was lazy, irresponsible, and empty.

After seeing so many hateful comments, Lucy was forced to delete her video and clarify that what she said was only humor, because in reality she does have a job and also goes to university. But her comments did not stop there, but people continued to offend and even insult her in the following videos.

Lucy welcher tiktoker claims to be too pretty to work

Not satisfied with that, they went to look for her on other networks, such as Instagram, and filled her photos with more bad comments, such as “she was not so pretty” and more things criticizing the girl’s physique. Sadly, the internet is unforgiving and often very cruel to anyone behind a screen. From here we completely disapprove of these actions, because nothing gives anyone the right to judge, much less harass and insult someone for a mistake.

Reviewing extensively the content that Lucy creates, we can see that she has a somewhat peculiar sense of humor, so it is normal to find people who do not agree with her opinions, but, in general, we can say that it was a little joke with which he is not hurting anyone. It is better not to take things personally and learn that we gain nothing by spreading hate and harassment, on the contrary, it is best to start ignoring what we do not like.

Source: Okchicas

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