Andie Macdowell, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, the stars for whom “growing old is not embarrassed”

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2021 will be remembered by Andie MacDowell and his (many) fans like the «Silver Era». Yes, because after years of indecision and procrastination, the American actress, 63 years old, three children and two divorces, has decided this year to embrace her gray hair. And, last spring, she officially debuted with curly salt and pepper hair, conquering absolutely everyone. Fan of the «graceful ageing», that is, of aging with dignity, without obsessing over various tweaks, Andie MacDowell has recently reaffirmed his position on the subject of aging.

On the cover of the new issue of “The Zoe Report”, Andie MacDowell said he was delighted with his choice to give up the slavery of the monthly tint. And to have it to death with the disparities of judgment regarding the aesthetic appearance of senior men and women. “Let’s just say that men can show themselves with salt and pepper hair and we think they look gorgeous. As for us, the exact opposite is true. We have been instilled with this idea that they are better than us. It’s a s *****! ”, Comments the actress, known for her charisma, as well as her dazzling natural beauty. “I think women have grown tired of the notion that if you get older you can’t feel beautiful anymore. Men age and we continue to love them. In this I want to be exactly like a man. I want to be beautiful without having to make deals with the devil to stay young ».

While more and more people (men and women) invest monstrous sums of money to touch up any wrinkle or sagging, the subjects at peace with their age increase and with its naturally changing appearance. See best friends Drew Barrymore, 46, and Cameron Diaz, 49, recently praised on social media by fans for their ability to “age naturally”. A few hours ago, in fact, Barrymore posted on Instagram a photo embraced his best friend and immediately followers have made it known that they greatly appreciate their ability to show themselves untouched, in a world (like that of Instagram, not to mention that of Hollywood) devoted to 100% artificial female beauty.

In the gallery, the shots of wonderful star fan  dell’«ageing naturally». Plus a selection of beauty products with a “slow age” effect to fall in love with.

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