Going to learn something new? Here are the most beautiful ideas around the world

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Traveling to discover new places, to know distant cultures and traditions, to make encounters… More and more i trips that we like are the experiential ones, the ones that, by making us feel something, manage to put us in in contact with the soul of the place that we are visiting and of the people who live there. Among the new trends, one of the most interesting is that of “Study holidays”. No, the summer English courses in England or Malta for middle and high school students have nothing to do with it.

Instead, it is about courses and experiences to learn something new, to cultivate one’s passions, to finally dedicate oneself to something that has always attracted us … obviously in wonderful places around the world, near or far.

Manual activities, sports, language courses… travelers try to combine more and more the pleasure with the useful and therefore to transform a holiday also into an opportunity to do something new. And behind this trend, which continues to grow, it is likely that there is also the explosion of DIY (do it yourself) during the months of lockdown that led all of us (or almost) to invent anything to spend time at home: repairs, leavening, yoga, reading …

The creative tourism on the other hand it is not new. The concept was theorized by two professors, Greg Richards and Crispin Raymond, in the early 2000s. But in a world in danger and to be protected and models to be reinvented, the desire for authenticity and closeness, of nature, simplicity, slowness and recovery of traditions become stronger and stronger.

There are those who choose a great classic and take advantage of their free time to learn a language or “refresh it”, better if combined with a cooking class, those who focus on sport or even those who prefer to enrich themselves by doing something useful for others. Other possibilities allow you to get in touch with the local communities of get closer to the real life of a place, learn about crafts, trying their hand at leather goods workshops, for example, or milking cows on a farm.

Here are some suggestions to spend the next trip in a different way than usual.

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