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Andrea Legarreta wants to do a family reality show in the style of the ‘Kardashian’

Since his arrival on the morning show Today 24 years ago, Andrea Legarreta has become one of the most acclaimed and beloved Mexican television hosts by the public. In addition, she and her husband Erik Rubín have established themselves as one of the most durable and stable marriages on the show.

However, she and her husband are not the only famous ones in their family, as their daughters, Mía and Nina, have had their own projects and have worked in concerts with their own songs and have even appeared in some soap operas. For this reason, the couple assured that they have received proposals to carry out a reality show familiar.

Andre Legarreta posing with her husband Erik Rubín and their daughters Mía and Nina in a dining room

At least that’s how the couple pronounced it during a brief interview with the press when they went to the play seven times goodbyewhere they appeared as luxury godparents in the 177th presentation of the staging at the Ramiro Jiménez theater in Mexico City.

The press took advantage of their appearance in the play to approach them and ask them about the secret to maintaining a stable relationship, to which they replied that all you need is love and living day by day. In addition, they assured that everyone sees them as a beautiful couple and a beautiful family, so they have not lacked proposals to carry out a reality show familiar.

In the end, I think that what a famous family lives is attractive, but you would have to be part of the edition, of the production. We have to see what time brings us, that is, I think that in addition, many things come with the family and then we will see what surprises.

– Andrea Legarreta

Given the proposals that they say they have received to be part of famous families such as the Derbez, the Montaner and even the Kardashian themselves, who have opened the doors of their home to record and show the public what their life is like outside the spotlight, The former Timbiriche member stated that it is not something that is completely ruled out, since both have considered accepting the proposal for this project.

Andrea Legarreta with her husband and daughters dressed as geishas in one of the streets of Japan

For her part, Andrea Legarreta said that it would be a very attractive project, since it is interesting for the public to get to know their favorite artists more intimately, but that she would like to be in charge of editing the production, although it is a decision that they should think about. very well before accepting it.

Source: Okchicas

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