Andrew of York case: Queen Elizabeth deprives him of the title of Royal Highness

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A little more than 24 hours after the decision of the New York court, which has decided to send to trial Andrew of York, accused of sexual assault against Virginia Giuffre, Buckingham Palace openly condemned the prince, depriving him of his patronages and his honorary roles in the military.

The news came with a brief note from the Palazzo: “With the approval and consent of the queen”, reads at the opening. To conclude the few lines, a confirmation of what is already in place: “The Duke of York will continue to carry out no public commitment”. In addition, in the case in which he is involved, he will continue to defend himself as a “common citizen”. It is this, more than the tasks, which return to the hands of His Majesty, the most important step: Andrew of York was deprived of the title of Royal Highness. An unexpected measure, which marks a point of rupture and total distance between the Windsor and Andrea home that now, beyond the gossip and rumors that have been chasing each other for months, he is really alone.

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According to Daily Mail Andrea would be the one to renounce his patronages and military posts, and the decision would be made after an interview with his mother. In court the prince will still have some cards to play and before the law he will be able to prove his innocence, if true, but a sentence without appeal has already been issued in the family.

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On the one hand there are the intransigents, those who are not interested in another scandal after the Megxit, especially if it is a sexual scandal such as the one in which the prince is embroiled, on the other those who defend him with the sword. Carlo, together with his sister Anna and Edoardo, the mild-mannered fourth child who eventually pulled out his claws and earned a prominent role as a “senior royal” alongside wife Sophie of Wessex, I’m for the hard line, supported unconditionally by William, who sees things as her grandmother and would have her as a model of monarch. In the face of so much cohesion, in the end, Elizabeth II was able to do very little. With Andrea remains the ex Sarah Ferguson, who however has no decision-making power in the balance of The Firm, and presumably his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, although they never came out in his defense.

Andrea’s position had become complicated at the end of December, when Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner of Geoffrey Epstein, she had been sentenced for sexual trafficking in collaboration with the same entrepreneur, who committed suicide in prison on 10 August 2019. It would have been the two who directed Giuffre towards the prince, and more than once.

Andrea, now, has nothing to do but to bet everything on defense and he will have to do it alone, even economically: no public money will be spent to help him get out of the mud and there are those who say that he could be forced to sell the beloved chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, the York family retreat. At the end of the games, only the title could remain: that, hereditary, cannot be taken away by anyone, not even Queen Elizabeth.


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