“Andrew of York should be in jail”: the rant from the father of the victim of harassment

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Clouds more and more black thicken on the head of Andrew of York. The famous English talk showe Good Morning Britain, in fact, he picked up the outburst of Sky Roberts, dad of Virginia Giuffre Roberts, the girl who denounced the prince per sexual violence when she was still a minor. “I would like see him in prison at least for a while, ”said the man on video link from Florida.

“He has to realize what it means to be responsible for their actions. He believes that, being a member of the royal family, can afford to do whatever he wants, ma we are no longer in the age of William Wallace, Fortunately times have changed, ”adds Mr. Roberts, with a cowboy hat and a shirt with horse designs. “So you go through the process and be judged».

According to reconstruction of Virginia, already accused of Jeffrey Epstein (the billionaire accused of trafficking of minors and committed suicide in prison two years ago), Andrew of York would have abused her three times, a London, a New York and at Virgin Islands, between 2001 and 2002. «I am proud of the courage of my daughter. The prince knows he is guilty, a man innocent he wouldn’t behave like that. “

According to the reports of the british press, the third child of Queen Elizabeth in fact he would have tried in every way to avoid notification of judicial acts, leaving his Royal Lodge, in Windsor, to move to balmoral castle, and ordering his staff di don’t accept no envelope relating to the process. For some tabloids we could even talk about “Targeted defensive strategy”.

Apparently the prince’s legal team does indeed want boycott the preliminary hearing of New York trial relying on a quibble: «The documentation was not delivered correctlyAndrea’s lawyers have already made it known. Which has until September 17 to appear in court and have his say, otherwise he risks being condemned «in absentia» to a millionaire compensation.

Yes, because it is one civil case, therefore the prince in truth does not risk the prison. But for the English monarchy it would still be a thunderous one slap to the image.

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