Androulakis: To maintain unity, to make KINAL the body that will star in Greece

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The insistence on maintaining the unity of the party after the elections of December 12, a legacy -as he stressed- of Fofi Gennimata, “and not to experience phenomena like 2017 that some in the process did not stay with us”, addressed the candidate for the presidency KINAL, MEP Nikos Androulakis, in his political speech last night in Alexandroupolis.

Mr. Androulakis harshly criticized the government for its handling of the management of the pandemic, the economy and in particular the management of EU subsidies in Greece, amounting to 70 billion euros. through the NSRF and the Recovery Fund, public health and education, national issues and tackling Turkey’s stance, because of which, as the neighbor estimated, it has lost its European perspective, climate change and the role of Civil Protection.

“There is no vision, there is only management,” he said, noting that a large part of the Greek people understand the mistakes, but the government does not wear out due to the fear of Mr. Tsipras’ return. Defining the role that KINAL can play, he stated that it is to become again the body that will star in Greece as the main expression of the progressive democrats, a force of realism, consistency and responsibility, thus giving an alternative to the citizens.

Referring to what social democracy can do in Greece, Mr. Androulakis noted that another party is needed, clarifying that symbols and PASOK are not an issue. He expressed the assessment that the Greeks did not vote for PASOK because they reached social deadlocks, economic crisis, arrogant attitudes.

“Symbols are not to blame. I say keep the symbols but change behavior,” he said, outlining the changes needed: “Adopting a new political ethos with terms that are not long-term to give perspective to the whole new generation.” defining the party’s policies on major national issues from the grassroots “in a context of sound discourse without populism”.

The new social democratic party, according to Mr. Androulakis, will keep the good of its history as a “pupil of the eye” and will throw that it hurt the Greek people, will find people of high social credibility that the citizens will believe, it will be an institutional party that “will respect democracy, transparency, meritocracy, away from customer attitudes, to offer something new that will embrace the anxieties of the Greek people and the Greek people embrace it again and make it its protagonist ουμε We have capabilities, as long as to believe it, to build our party, to find new human resources, to unite all generations, to leave old divisions that hurt us, internal party nonsense and to see the positives of our history “, concluded Mr. Androulakis.


Source From: Capital

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