Anesthetist who confessed to rape of patients in Rio has prison maintained

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The Justice of Rio de Janeiro decided, during a custody hearing this Tuesday (17) afternoon, to maintain the arrest of Colombian doctor Andres Eduardo Oñate Carrillo, 32 years old, who was arrested on Monday (16) and confessed to having raped patients.

According to Judge Mariana Tavares Shu: “The arrest warrant is within the period of validity and the decision that generated its expedition was not revoked by natural judgment, and there is no news that it has been changed by appeal decision”.

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The judge also ordered the anesthetist to undergo a new medical examination, as he reported marks caused by the use of handcuffs. Responding to a defense request, the judge also ordered the transfer of Andres Eduardo Oñate Carrillo to a location that could guarantee his safety, given the repercussions of the case.

The custody hearing took place at the Benfica prison, in the north of Rio, the gateway to the Prison System in the State. The Colombian doctor was arrested on Monday (16) in his apartment, in Barra da Tijuca, in the west zone of Rio.

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He is suspected of committing at least two rapes of women in public and private hospitals in 2020 and 2021. He even filmed the abuses. In addition, the police found more than 20,000 scenes of pedophilia and child sexual abuse stored in the anesthesiologist’s electronic devices.

The analysis of the material caught the attention of the police due to the seriousness and number of files, which even included newborn babies.

The doctor testified at the Child and Adolescent Victim Police Station, confessed to the crimes and further stated, according to Civil Police sources, that he did not know where the compulsion he had to commit the crimes came from.

Investigations are ongoing.

Source: CNN Brasil

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