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Brazil: Lula replaces all members of the guard at the presidential residence

THE Lula da Silva announced that he was replacing all members of the presidential guard guarding his residence, so he decided to dismiss 40 military personnel from their posts.

Its president Brazil accuses them of being involved in recent unrest in the country, where supporters of Bolsonaro have been calling for the military to stage a coup.

I am convinced that the gate was opened for them to enter, because no door was found broken,” said Lula and added: “This means that some people facilitated their entry.” “How could I (still) have at the door of my office someone who could shoot me?”, he asked himself and expressed the belief that “the palace was full of Bolsonaros”.

So far it has not been specified who will take over the guarding of the presidential residence.

Brazilian authorities tightened security around government buildings in the capital on Monday, doubling the number of soldiers stationed near the presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court.

More than 2,000 people were arrested after the attempted uprising, which the government described as a “terrorist act”. Almost 1,200 of them were imprisoned and 39 are being prosecuted for participation in a criminal organization, damage to public property and inciting a coup.

Source: News Beast

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