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Anic Herdy case: Hotline seeks information about missing lawyer in RJ

The Rio de Janeiro Hotline released, this Wednesday (22), a poster in search of information that could help clarify the case of the disappearance of lawyer Anic de Almeida Peixoto Herdy, aged 54, who has not been seen for almost three months. See the image below.

The family even paid a ransom worth R$4.6 million to alleged kidnappers.

She was last seen in the parking lot of a shopping mall, in the city of Petrópolis, while walking towards a black Jeep Compass model vehicle, on February 29th.

On the 14th, four people involved in the case, including Lourival Correa Netto Fadiga, known as Gordo, were reported to court by the Petrópolis Criminal Investigation Prosecutor's Office. Those accused had their preventive detention ordered this Monday (20).

After investigations, the Rio de Janeiro civil police named the four as suspects of involvement in the crime of extortion through kidnapping. The investigation began on March 14, when the lawyer's disappearance was reported to the police station.

Crime planning

According to the complaint, “Gordo” had been an employee of the victim's family for around three years and had premeditated the crime, for which he had the help of his children and a woman with whom he had a relationship. The idea of ​​not taking the case to the police would have come from him.

The alleged mastermind of the crime approached Anic's family by presenting himself as a federal police officer, which was denied during investigations, and began to provide personal security for some family members.

The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) points out that “Gordo” had access to the credit cards and passwords used by his bosses.

After investigations, the police and the MPRJ identified the family employee as the beneficiary of the amount paid as ransom by Anic's husband to the kidnappers.

Also according to the complaint, the four prisoners purchased a luxury car, valued at R$500,000, on the day the alleged ransom payment was made. The vehicle was paid for in cash.

Authorities suspect murder

At the time of publication of this report, the victim has not been released and his whereabouts are unknown. The possibility that there may have been a homicide has not been ruled out.

“The line of investigation by the Prosecutor's Office and the 105th Police Station points to suspicions that the kidnapped victim was murdered by the group and had his body hidden, which is why the investigations will continue in its own criminal investigative procedure. There is also evidence of money laundering and currency evasion crimes that will be duly investigated,” the MP said in a note.

Source: CNN Brasil

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