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Annalisa, the new hit song is Ragazza sola

We still hadn’t gotten the triangle of “I saw her kissing him kissing her, kissing me” out of our heads, we were still caught in the vortex of that** My love** which, as only certain pop songs can transform into common sayings, has arrived Lonely girl. And it is quite certain that this piece will also become a hit. Annalisa queen of Italian pop, now and always: it’s a fact. The ultra-catchy melody, the chorus that arrives very quickly, as required by the algorithm to push the songs up, and which is simple, pressing and with a high level of empathy: «Maybe I no longer feel alone, alone, alone. Even when I wake up alone, alone, alone.” Alone, alone, alone: ​​we all sing it already.

The video of Lonely girl by Annalisa.

The atmospheres recall distant worlds, pop music from the past, with an 80s sound and the chorus that allows for vocal momentum. We are near Beautiful, but with a melancholy note, because the text talks about awareness, acceptance and growth. Annalisa explains that it is «that moment in which we begin to embrace change. The images flow in the mind like a vortex, one after the other, disorderly, fast. It’s all those moments that led me here, to where I am now. At the end of this song. I found myself. And I am no longer alone, but with myself.”

Lonely girlwhich previews the album And then we ended up in the vortex in release on September 29th, it is the song that closes the pop trilogy most successful that can be remembered in a long time: the one that began with Beautifulin fact, and continued with My love. Three songs that tell the story of the journey that goes from disappointment to experimentation and ends here with the realization that «I no longer feel alone even when I wake up alone».

In the video clip of Lonely girl, Annalisa performs another thing that she does quite well: the change of look. Away with the black bob My lovevia natural hair Beautiful, now it’s time for very short blonde hair. Let’s hope the end of the trilogy doesn’t also mean the end of the physical transformation.

Source: Vanity Fair

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