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With Russian fire against the West, the G20 curtain opens in India

THE Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived at New Delhi to participate in G20 summitas head of the Russian delegation, in the absence of the president Vladimir Putin.

Lavrov will deliver speeches at the two plenary meetings of the Group of 20 summit on Saturday and Sunday, Russian diplomacy has said. The Kremlin has said that Putin will not intervene in the meeting, even via video conference.

“We are working closely with all G20 countries (…) against attempts to explain global humanitarian and economic problems only with the war in Ukraine (…),” the Russian Foreign Ministry said before Lavrov’s arrival in New Delhi.

According to the announcement, the war in Ukraine “was provoked and continues to be instigated by the Americans to the detriment of European security”.

“The G7 countries (mainly the US, Britain, Germany and France) are putting pressure on India by seeking to articulate their unilateral approaches to the situation around Ukraine in the documents to be adopted at the end of the G20 summit,” Russian diplomacy argued.

The divisions in the ranks of the G20 on geopolitical issues, and in particular regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, make very difficult to draft a joint communique.

Source: News Beast

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