Annette: the preview trailer of the new film by Leos Carax

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Extreme, disturbing, colorful and unpredictable. Annette, the new film by Leos Carax premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and coming soon at the cinema on November 18th, it is many things, but, above all, a love story. The protagonists are Henry, a stand up comedian with sharp humor played by Adam Driver, and Ann, an internationally acclaimed singer who has the face of Marion Cotillard: In the spotlight they look like the perfect couple, made to be together, but just dig a little beyond the subtle rind of appearances to realize that things are more complicated than they appear. The birth of Annette, their first daughter, endowed with an exceptional gift, is destined, in fact, to change their lives and take the viewer on an extraordinary psychedelic journey, without any safety net.

Annette, which earned Carax, known for his extreme streak already shown in films such as Blood red e Pony-Neuf lovers, the jury prize at Cannes, is presented as a musical sui generis which, also thanks to the Sparks soundtrack, manages to displace the viewer and put him in front of a microcosm that constantly moves between fiction and reality, between plastic poses and majestic staging. In Carax every look and every chromatic range seems a very fine puzzle in which nothing is left to chance, including the most negligible details. In the midst of Henry’s self-destruction and Ann’s refined costumes, mirror of an extreme and elusive narcissism, Annette is the link between life and death, the celebration of what sublimates and the abyss that constantly brings us back. at the bottom of the barrel.

Through the distorted homage of the great Broadway musicals and the dark side of the so-called entertainment machine, photographed in all its excesses and ugliness, Carax, to his first English-language film, spectacularizes and loads, inserting highly recognizable archetypes in the cauldron but also the fundamental axioms of the tragedy, with the two lovers who drag themselves following the scores of the Sparks to a point of no return, to the withered petals of a flower that, perhaps, does not it has never been watered with water and care. The real strength of this phantasmagoric symphony is, however, the expressive charge of Adam Driver, capable of overturning with a master stroke the toxicity of art that Carax describes as an open and highly infectious wound, which needs to heal in order to transform itself. in a scar and continue walking straight, perhaps a little limping, in front of you. Annette is distributed by I Wonder Pictures e Unipol Biografilm Collection in collaboration with Koch Media e Wise Pictures.


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