Anniversary of the Polytechnic: Laying of a wreath by the President K. Sakellaropoulou

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The President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou laid a wreath this morning at the Polytechnic to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the uprising against the dictatorship of the colonels.

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“The Polytechnic uprising in November 1973 was the culmination of resistance against the dictatorship. We honor the victims, the students, and all the fighters who stood up to violence and lawlessness. Their sacrifices, as well as their love for “Freedom and democracy continue to inspire,” Sakellaropoulou said in a statement.

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“Today, young people, who after the economic crisis are also experiencing that of the pandemic, are called to walk in a complex world, full of challenges and uncertainties. We have a duty to stand by them and support their hope for a better future, in “context of an open society that includes us all,” he stressed.



Source From: Capital

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