Anonymous hackers accused Elon Musk of “destroying the lives” of cryptocurrency owners

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The hacker group Anonymous posted a video in which it accused the Tesla CEO of his tweets that rocked the cryptocurrency markets and “ruined the lives” of cryptocurrency owners.

The video was published on the Youtube channel of the well-known decentralized hacker group Anonymous. It is impossible to say for sure that the video was created by hackers Anonymous, although it has all the hallmarks of past videos that are believed to have been created by members of the group.

In the video, a Guy Fawkes masked man, whose voice was altered by a special device, accuses Elon Musk of being nothing more than a classic James Bond villain, a man with an elaborate vision of a visionary who disguises ” another rich narcissist desperate for attention. ”

The author of the video mentioned Musk’s recent fascination with cryptocurrencies and the fact that he refused to accept Tesla payments in BTC only because he was afraid of losing government subsidies to the company.

“It is now widely believed that you were forced to condemn your company’s adoption of Bitcoin in order to keep this green government money in Tesla’s coffers,” the video says.

The hacker group has also called Musk’s recent move to create a Bitcoin miners council as an attempt to take control of the industry. The video mentions Musk’s harshest Twitter posts that have influenced the cryptocurrency market capitalization.

“Millions of retail investors have relied on their cryptocurrencies to improve their lives. The dreams of hard-working people are shattered by your public hysteria, and you continue to mock them by posting memes from one of your million dollar mansions. ”

The video, which has received almost 2 million views so far, ends with the band’s catchphrase: “You think you are the smartest person, but now you’ve met your rival. We are Anonymous! We are the Legion! Wait for us”.

Tesla’s CEO has not yet directly responded to the video allegations. However, on Saturday afternoon, Musk posted recording on Twitter, which could be interpreted as an answer: “Don’t kill what you hate. Keep what you love. ”

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