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Another 25 firefighters from Bahia are sent to help victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Another 25 soldiers from the Bahia Fire Department left Salvador this Wednesday morning (15) to rescue victims of the rains in Rio Grande do Sul. They will join another team that has been working in the state of Rio Grande do Sul since the beginning of the month, and gradually returns to the capital of Bahia until Friday (17), due to the difficulty with flight availability.

Part of the team boarded by plane and the other part traveled by truck to help move around the affected areas. In addition to the 25 firefighters, two more doctors from the Department of Health (Sesab) were also sent.

The Bahian firefighters brought even more solidarity to the people of Rio Grande do Sul. Donations were collected at Salvador barracks and were sent in partnership with the Post Office. In total, 42 thousand liters of water, two tons of food, one thousand liters of cleaning material, nine thousand units of personal hygiene material and, approximately, 500 kilos of animal food.

The firefighters sent in the new troop are traveling with prior information on the current situation of the floods, passed on by the team in Rio Grande do Sul, as explained by the mission commander, Colonel Aloísio Fernandes. “We have been following, so we selected firefighters here who are already prepared, equipped to face the situation. We are prepared to act in any type of mission, both in the search, which is real, and in a humanitarian mission”.

A member of the new group, Sergeant Luiz Cláudio has the experience of having participated in the rescue work of victims of the Brumadinho dam collapse, in Minas Gerais, which occurred in 2019. The firefighter stated that experience counts a lot, also due to the psychological and that the team will help people as much as possible. “The plot is basically the same, but now with a slightly greater proportion, because we are also dealing with living people who are missing and people who are resistant to leaving their place of residence.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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