The Antpool mining pool is ready to return to the user the unusually high fee of 83 BTC that he paid for the transaction. To do this, he must confirm his identity.

Antpool announced its intention to reimburse the affected user for the gas fee that he paid by mistake. An unusual situation occurred last week – a user of the Bitcoin network was charged 83 BTC worth $3.1 million for transferring 139 BTC for $2.1 million. The so-called gas fee is charged to compensate for the computing energy that is required to process and checking transactions on the network. Typically these fees are a small portion of the transaction amount, but this was an exceptional case.

In response to the incident, Antpool temporarily froze commission funds. To get your money back, the user must pass verification before December 10 using special Antpool tools. The mining pool has developed a special verification process that allows the victim to claim compensation. It must use a signing tool such as Electrum or Bitcoin Core, as well as the private key of the wallet address provided by Antpool. Then you need to sign the message with the word “AntPool”.

Antpool’s decision to refund gas fees subject to identity verification speaks to the need to implement security measures and user verification in the crypto space. To prevent similar cases in the future, it is necessary to create reliable risk control systems on cryptocurrency platforms.

A similar situation occurred in September with the F2Pool mining pool. The user paid a disproportionately high fee of 20 BTC for a transfer of 0.074 BTC. A few years ago, an Ethereum user lost $430,000 for an unsuccessful attempt to buy STRP tokens.