Apple cuts iPhone 14 sales plan by 3 million smartphones: demand fell short of expectations

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Initially, Apple employees published a rather ambitious forecast, according to which they would be able to sell 90 million iPhone 14 smartphones in the reporting year, but it soon turned out that it would be quite problematic to realize the goal. Even at the release, many analysts pointed out that new gadgets (if you do not take into account the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max) do not have an impressive list of innovations, so the demand for them will be low, plus in China, the lockdown due to the pandemic also imposes certain restrictions on production capacity. And as a result, Apple has now had to cut its original forecast by as much as 3 million devices.

Yes, if Apple originally planned to sell a total of 90 million iPhone 14 smartphones, now this figure has dropped to 87 million. And although it may seem to some that this is not such a significant decrease, in fact the event is very important – before Apple only exceeded its forecasts, now they have to be cut. And although the manufacturer itself is focusing on reducing the production of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, since factories in China cannot operate at full capacity due to the pandemic, analysts also note a significant decrease in demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, which are even more accessible.

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It is worth recalling that initially the same Apple predicted that it was the iPhone 14 Plus that would make a third of the total sales at the level of the iPhone 14 Pro, since the device provides a large display diagonal at a relatively low cost. However, it turned out that simply a larger display with an old design, cameras and last year’s processor is not enough for users. The fall in demand for these smartphones has been especially noticeable in China, which, as everyone knows, is the largest market for the Cupertino giant. Probably, the company could cover the drop in demand by releasing the highly demanded iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but due to a week-long quarantine and other problems, gadgets are literally in short supply.

This is a huge problem, because the New Year holidays are on the nose, when sales of any smartphones grow many times, especially from Apple, but the manufacturer has every chance of simply not meeting the demand of the audience. And this, of course, will negatively affect both quarterly profits and the value of the giant’s shares, because investors will not be happy with a reduction of 3 million smartphones. But, of course, this will have little effect on Apple in general – despite the coronavirus, in 2021 the company sold almost 240 million smartphones, and the “apple” brand does not have a single state employee in its assortment.

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